Traffic sales volume, helping the tourism recovery: cloud tourism not only looks beautiful

Traffic sales volume, helping the tourism recovery: cloud tourism not only looks beautiful

  "Do you want to see the sunrise sunset in Huangshan?" "Do you want to see the clouds of Yunjiao Yunshu in the Cangshan Erhai Lake?" In the days when the epidemic affected by the new crown pneumonia cannot go to the distance, use a mobile phone to travel around Can make up for some regrets. With the increasingly developed digital information technology, cloud tourism has become hot during the epidemic. It comforts people’s longing for poetry and distant souls, and it has also become a substitute choice for tourists.

  Help the tourism industry’s recovery of the ancient city of Pingyao, the majestic Taishan came, and the Xishuangbanna Dai Garden came … On May 19th, on the 12th "China Tourism Day" to carry out the "10,000 tour guides to bring you the tourism" event, through the mobile phone The camera, the great rivers and mountains of the motherland met with tourists "clouds". The day was the International Museum Day, and museums in various places started live broadcasts and other activities, allowing cultural relics to touch "hands".

  Tourists commented while traveling. "Thank you the anchor for letting me lie on the bed and see the sunrise of the mountain" "Terracotta Warriors can use a magnifying glass to see the details, and there is a different perspective experience with the scene." … With 5G, VR and other technologies The popularization of applications has only become lively on the mobile phone through photos and texts, which can find the joy of travel across the screen across the screen through the screen. "The so -called cloud tourism covers the sum of tourism experience through digitalization and virtualization such as digitalization and virtualization.

Specifically, the common forms of cloud tourism include non -goods live broadcast, tourist short videos, tourism VLOG, VR virtual tourism, etc. "Deng Ning, deputy dean of the School of Tourism Science, Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute, said.

  Affected by the epidemic, people’s travel is limited, which makes cloud tourism gathered unrelated traffic in a short time. The "May 1 Douyin Travel Report" released by the Douyin Life Service Union and the Giant Engine Urban Research Institute shows that this year’s "May 1st" holiday, a total of hundreds of millions of people followed the tour guide to punch card attractions in the live broadcast; netizens watched the travel video of the home home and completed the completion of the travel video and completed the completion 100 million cloud tourism. Fan Runquan is an anchor on the Ctrip Traveling Network. Usually, the work is to take the netizens to check in the scenic spot and hotel through live broadcast.

He said a 40 -minute live broadcast usually attracts about 500,000 people to watch. "Through our shots and explanations, many people will be planted and generate the impulse to travel. Even if they cannot be done now, we will put our recommendations into a list of desire." In his opinion True tourism, but its "planting grass" buried the seeds of hope for the recovery of the tourism industry.

  "Under the epidemic, with the help of the flow of cloud tourism, it has increased visibility and attention to the return of tourists after the epidemic, and becomes the realistic needs of tourist destinations.

"Cui Yupeng, deputy general manager of Flying Pig Travel Network Resort, said that in addition to domestic destinations, many popular overseas destinations have also joined the cloud tourism team.

As of now, dozens of foreign destination tourism bureaus including Thailand, Germany, France, Britain and other countries have successively logged in to the official live broadcast room of Feizhu, and the maximum viewing volume of the live broadcast has reached 10,000 people.

  The name of the sales volume "Sister Taishan Juan" is Zhang Juan, who is a celebrity on the vibrato. She broadcasts every week to bring netizens to enjoy the magnificent scenery of Taishan and other places. Zhang Juan was originally a tour guide. She said that due to the impact of the epidemic, the tourism industry was facing unprecedented difficulties, and the practitioners on the entire chain faced the problem of transformation.

Seeing a friend around him relying on short videos to become popular on the Internet, Zhang Juan decided to broadcast it with the advantages of professional tour guides. On May 15, 2020, "Sister Taishan Juan" first showed the first show on Douyin, the effect greatly exceeded her imagination. "When I was a guide before, I usually only face 30 people. Now a live broadcast can be online. Watch, there are even hundreds of thousands of people at most.

"Netizens’ attention made Zhang Juan firmly strengthen confidence, not only enriching his own knowledge reserves, and transmitting positive energy in the live broadcast. He can also use popularity to increase income for Taishan Specialty and his hometown specialty products.

Like Zhang Juan, many tour guides who have been active in major scenic spots are also achieving transformation and development through cloud tourism.

  Scenic areas, hotels, catering and other companies that have received attention through cloud tourism are concerned about how to turn traffic into sales. "From the perspective of consumers, we will experience where the buyer’s attention is, highlight the characteristics during the shooting process, answer various questions during the live broadcast, and let everyone want to experience and consume.

"Fan Runquan said that consumers who have been successfully planted can directly click on the link to buy tourism products." This kind of product generally provides consumers with a longer travel time choice. Uncertainty brings losses to consumers. "

  Xie Xiaoqing, a senior researcher at the Ctrip Research Institute, said that the content output of cloud tourism helps to expand sales. The live broadcast is a form of a very high content conversion rate.

As of the end of 2021, more than 80%of the hotel brands across the country have cooperated with the Ctrip BOSS live broadcast. 44%of users will place orders for live rooms within 24 hours after watching live broadcasts.

  In addition, with the help of cloud tourism, many museums and other cultural places have realized national treasures in the clouds and explained in the clouds. The accumulated popularity has driven the cloud sales of cultural and creative products.

  In Deng Ning’s view, Yun Travel Travel can transform online attention into offline consumption. The specific forms include the impulse to travel through cloud tourism, and then buy destinations and travel agencies; book some very cost -effective expected products For example, hotels, air tickets, etc.; Purchasing peripheral products around tourist destinations, such as specialty products, souvenirs, etc., which can alleviate the operation of tourism companies under the epidemic. How long will it last? "Cloud tourism can be regarded as an alternative when offline tourism cannot be carried out. After the epidemic, the popularity of cloud tourism will definitely decline, but from the perspective of destination marketing, the personal IP of tourist bloggers will be The visual impact of tourist short videos and the explosive price given by tourist live broadcasts have formed a new paradigm for marketing drainage and product sales.

"Deng Ning believes that under this trend, the tourism industry will inevitably catch up with this wave of flow dividends." In the related videos of cloud tourism, there are a large number of netizens’ comments and feedback. Visitors can obtain tourism information in advance and conduct online for online. Consultation and booking. "The person in charge of Douyin believes that cloud tourism can become a normalized tourist destination promotion model. From February this year, the" Mountain DOU is a good scenery "project jointly launched by byte jumping public welfare and Douyin life service successively successively successively successively successively successively successively. Land in Guangxi, Sichuan, Henan, Shanxi and other places, the project helps destination marketing through live broadcasting, short videos and other methods to increase the revenue of tourism and increase the revenue of farmers. Seizing the dividend of cloud tourism marketing, it cannot be separated from certain professional skills Essence

The person in charge of Douyin said, "Most of the places that just come into contact with cloud tourism have lack of professional staff, and do not understand the composition, methods and rules of the operating team.

To this end, we continue to conduct free online live training, hoping to help more local people master the skills of live broadcast cloud tourism. "

  Although the cloud travel travel cannot bring an immersive tourism experience, compared to the field tourism of Malaimi Fancy, Yun Travel Travel can use digital technology and other rich tourism experiences. After the epidemic is over, it can be used as a useful supplement to field tourism. "The way of cloud tourism live broadcast can explain more knowledge points to make the travel experience more interesting and meticulous." Said Tao Rui, the commentary of Flying Pig Travel Network. Digital innovation makes it easier to get closer and involved in destinations such as museums, which can help viewers understand complex and subtle concepts. According to the "May 1st" holiday, the Palace Museum, the Terracotta Warriors and Horse Museum of the Qin Shihuang, the Gongwangfu, and the Sands Site Museum had 4 million views. In addition to the live cloud tourism, Feizhu also incorporated digital technology into the tourist experience of cultural attractions such as museums. It is foreseeable that the service innovation around cloud tourism will continue to improve the smart service level of tourist destinations such as scenic spots, museums.

"Cloud Travel will play a long -term role in improving attraction and cultural connotation and enhancing the tour." Deng Ning said.

(Reporter Zhang Xue).