The representative of the Congress of the Ancient Town, Xilin County, investigated the ecological organic tea industry

The representative of the Congress of the Ancient Town, Xilin County, investigated the ecological organic tea industry

Recently, the 66th National People’s Republic of Xilin County, conducted research activities in the modern characteristic agricultural demonstration zone of the Tea Industry in Beijing, in order to promote a good condition for promoting the improvement of the improvement of the tea industry in the town. The modern characteristics of the Jinggui Gude Tea Industry is located in ancient impairtures, with the development of ecological organic tea as the main industry. There are 1300 mu of ecological organic tea gardens. The year has 200 tons of tea, and the output value is about 8 million yuan. In the inspection research, the representatives read, listened, asked, and other ways, the foundation of the Jingguang Garden Tea Garden Base, Tea Processing Packaging Workshop, Product Exhibition Room, etc., listen to the company’s head Tea garden construction, production and processing, brand promotion, farmers income, etc. Introduction It is fully affirmed by promoting the revitalization of rural residence. "Ecological organic tea planting is a new technology, three points in the species, seven points in the management." After listening to the person in charge of the modern specialty agricultural demonstration zone in the Jingguang Gude Tea Industry, Yang Qiu, who participated in the inspecting investigation, said: " The original ecological organic tea planting has strict requirements in fertilizer, trim, management, harvesting, processing, etc., and the inspection of the inspection activities is too timely.

"It is understood that the town is the tea town in Xilin County, and the tea planting area is 10,000 acres. It is an important pillar industry increasingly increasingly increasing.

This year, there are 38 people in the newly selected 66 people’s representatives of the ancient Town, and 38 people participate in tea planting, processing or sales, including 17 villages including large rooms, CCD, Huazhai, Zhou Cave, Cat Street and other 17 villages. .

The representative of the NPC has become an important force to promote the development of the tea industry in the town.

"We must take the knowledge learned to go back, learn to use, help the surrounding tea farmers to improve the improvement of tea garden, increase scientific implants and management.

"After inspection, the representatives of the People’s Congress have said that ecological organic tea is an advantageous industry of industrial resulination in ancient Town. After going back, it is necessary to actively play" Rural Revitalization – I participate, I drive, I take the lead, I demonstrate ". The role, driving the masses to make bigger ecological organic tea industries, improve the economic benefits of tea farmers, and enhance the sense of accomplishment, honor.

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