Strengthening the processing to help pose a new level of the pear industry

Strengthening the processing to help pose a new level of the pear industry

This newspaper (Reporter Niu Bo) Recently, the reporter learned from Guizhou Province’s lanting industry. The first quarter, Guizhou Province’s lane industry development has steadily improved planting level, and the processing can continue to deepen, and the development speed is significantly accelerated. Brand influence Continuously improved, market sales have become a good situation.

According to the person in charge of the provincial pear industry, it will be based on the "opening of the door", and the continuous strengthening of the processes will drive, and the "six focus" promotes the high quality development of the pear industry. Focus on corporate entities and fist products to make a strong industry. With the company as the main body, continue to strengthen the processing, surround the size of the single product, the material guarantee, quality improvement, brand creation, market development, and market expansion promotion, driving high quality development. Focused fashion health polish products industry features.

Further excavate the fashionable attributes of the pear pear, relying with great health, both "famous products", also "civil goods", focusing on developing people to buy, assured, green, healthy thorn pear products.

Focus quality and standard propulsion specification production. Optimize the improvement of pear pear planting, processing series standards, and use standards to promote the standardized production and production of quality products. Focus on brand and propaganda make a big market. In the context of dual cycle, we will strive to create Guizhou lamb public brands, plan to promote promotional promotion and industrial investment activities, to promote the promotion of pear products, and expand the lagu industry market. Focusing innovation achieves multiplying breakthroughs.

With scientific research as support, deepen the improvement of the efficacy of the pear, popularize the promotion effect, focus on efficacy development, rich products, optimize the quality, and promote the innovation of lamb industry.

Focus service promotion policy is implemented. Focus on the implementation of coordination services, promote the implementation of various Hui-enterprises policy, help companies strive to financial support such as industrial funds, lambaries, and focus on resolving the difficulties of collecting national funds, and promote the pear should be harvested, protect the income of the masses, Industrial development creates a good environment.

(Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing).