Qinhuangdao shoreline restoration to restore the ecological environment visits

Qinhuangdao shoreline restoration to restore the ecological environment visits

  Bay Guardian a beautiful blue sea – Qinhuangdao shoreline restoration to restore the ecological environment to visit the dog days, reporters came to Harbin Power Qinhuangdao Tiemenguan shoreline regulation and repair the scene, looked along the coastline, ocean waves, soft sand and calm.

The sea breeze, many tourists travel between the sea and Tan An, playful, breathe, enjoy the experience of the music of coastal tourism. Who would have thought, Tiemenguan to Harbin Power shoreline had eroded by the sea, the beach width, leaving only a few meters, beach tourism function decline, reduce coastal space. "From June last year, Qinhuangdao City, invested 30 million yuan to implement the Tiemenguan Harbin Power shoreline regulation and repair works on the basis of improving the ecological environment on the beach, driven by healthy economic development of marine tourism area." The first Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources eight geological brigade marine ecosystem restoration as technical director Zhaoyou Peng said that at present, the project has been completed and passed the provincial inspection, repair total length of coastline kilometers, fill sand berm kilometers, creating underwater Shaba km, restored to the width of the beach nearly 100 meters, effectively curb coastal erosion not only back, but also improve the ability of disaster prevention and mitigation shoreline.

  And Tiemenguan to Harbin Power shoreline restoration project similar improvement in recent years, Qinhuangdao City, Kanaya to Repulse Bay beach also faces more severe challenges. This from a sandy beach in Qinhuangdao 5 km east of the famous tourist attractions in Pigeon nest park in basic repair before being eroded away, the shore were also destroyed part of the boardwalk, and even threatening the coastal road leading to Beidaihe.

After two years of Kanaya to Repulse Bay beach erosion coasts beach restoration project to restore the original appearance of this bathing beach, beach width from original 0-5 m increase to around 50 meters.

  South Bohai Sea, north of Yanshan, winding stretches of coastline, Gold Coast clear water and tidal flat – Qinhuangdao how good guardian of this gift of nature, the city has become an important topic of marine work. Qinhuangdao City Ocean and Fishery Bureau four researcher Jiang Jiwei told reporters, a few years ago, due to the reduction of sediment into the sea, frequent extreme weather and other reasons, Qinhuangdao severe beach erosion retreat, part of the coastal cliff tilt is damaged, coastal shelter forests and the coastal road security is seriously threatened, ecological functions and values bathing beach tourism and leisure declining.

  In order to reverse coastal marine ecological environment, in 2018, Qinhuangdao on the status of marine development and protection of the damage conducted field research, preparation of the "Qinhuangdao Sea island coastal zone regulation and repair protection project library (2018-2021 years)," on the sea coast in recent years with the implementation of the regulation and repair, regulation and repair the island protection, restoration and protection of marine ecosystems three categories of projects for rational planning. "In the restoration and management process, we abandoned the ‘View’ thinking, the use of ‘simplified method’ thinking, the main natural recovery, repair, supplemented by artificial way, will minimize the impact of human intervention, and strive to restore the coastal waters the most primitive state of nature.

"Jiang Jiwei said, Qinhuangdao City, the use of" cover planting the dunes – sand berm up – artificial barrier – sandy shoreline offshore submerged breakwater repair mode "by dunes, fill sand, sand bar, shallow offshore bank to cut wave can provide a source of sand to form multiple layers of protection to the shoreline. Meanwhile, Qinhuangdao City, adhere to co-ordinate land and sea, and the sea given land, innovative thinking, change ideas, to other related tasks unified ecological restoration task to come up, combined with comprehensive management of estuaries , increase natural coastline 3 km; combined with the reclamation disposal of the remaining issues of history, the introduction of social capital repair shoreline km; combined fairway anchorage wrecker cleared of silt, sand up to meet the demand for ecological restoration project, not only solved the "take Sha difficult "issue, but also enhance the Qinhuangdao anchorage bearing capacity of marine ecological protection and restoration not only benefit the livelihood of the event, but also need long-term development of the city. up to now, Qinhuangdao complete marine ecosystem conservation and restoration project 9, to achieve coastal wetlands remediation ha, shoreline regulation and repair kilometers.

  Through a series of ecological restoration work, Qinhuangdao coastline basic realization of dynamic equilibrium in the natural evolution of the beaches, creating clear water, green shore, beach net, the US Gulf coast environment, beach service function was restored and enhanced public coastal tourism It provides a high quality of the coastal environment, but also provides an important reference for marine ecological restoration model innovation and technology innovation.

(Hebei Daily reporter Hao Dongwei).