Shenzhen Yantian District held 38 new projects on the site of China Merchants

Shenzhen Yantian District held 38 new projects on the site of China Merchants

On November 11, Shenzhen Yantian District held a 2021 investment conference.

  People’s Network Shenzhen November 11th (Wang Xing, Li Shen) On November 11th, Shenzhen Yantian District held a 2021 investment conference, 38 new projects signed land, and the total number of contracts was worth 100 million yuan. According to reports, in recent years, the Yantian District has been promoted to the "industrial rise salt" "innovation", and the charm of urban areas is increasing, and innovative resource accelerates agglomeration.

In the 2020, GDP growth%, the growth rate of the city, the first three quarters, GDP growth in the first three quarters, maintaining the double-digit growth in three consecutive quarters.

  Deng Feibo, deputy secretary of the Yantian District Committee and District, said that the current, Yanfei is in the "double district" driver, "double district" superimposed, "double change" model, the golden development period, the Global Ocean Center City Core District And the construction of Shantoujiao Shenzhen International Tourism Consumer Cooperation Area has accelerated, strategic emerging industries and future industries accelerate the layout. "Yantian has a good advantage overlay, the prospect is full of expectations, will provide vast market business opportunities and development opportunities for our customers.

"At the meeting, Li Qiangqiang, deputy director of Yantian District, introduced the industrial development, land space and Hui-enterprises policy in Yantian District. During the 14th Five-Year Plan, Yantian will focus on digital creativity, modern fashion, marine economy, high-end medical equipment, great health These five strategic emerging industries, as well as synthetic organisms, cells and genes, deep-sea industries, etc. 3 future industries. The investment conference, Yantian took a total of 17 industrial land, including 4 new industrial land, industrial land 4 Block, 3 commercial land, 6 logistics land. The total area is about 40 hectares, providing more than 1.7 million square meters of industrial space. At the same time, the new project signing and settlement ceremony.

Shanghai Afadi Smart Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Bolinte Elevator Co., Ltd. is officially settled in Yantian, and the total output value of the contract is from 100 million yuan.

In addition, the General Assembly specially issued 20 companies in the 2020 Tax Contribution Award in Yantian District.

  "Select Yantian, which is to choose to invest in an international first-class business environment." Deng Fei Bo said, "In the future, we will also release 3 million square meters of quality industrial space, and provide the best conditions for the development of the company, the most Comfortable environment, the most intimate service. We look forward to creating new glories on this thriving land together.

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