Raru Wetland: Strictly seize winter fire prevention work in time to eliminate hidden dangers

Raru Wetland: Strictly seize winter fire prevention work in time to eliminate hidden dangers

  With the coming of the harsh season, the climate is dry, and the greenhouse weed has become the largest threat and hidden dangers of fire prevention.

In order to strictly control the winter fire from the source, improve the fire prevention capacity of the jurisdiction, recently, Lhasa City Laru Wetland National Nature Reserve Administration assigning patrols to weed winter weeding, further strengthening the management of wetland fire hazards.

  The reporter saw along the Ru Lu Wetland, and the patrols worked hard. Everyone holds electric lawn mower, iron scull, sickle and other tools, a large dry reed, weeds soon being cleaned up.

According to the patrol area, the patrols are divided into 5 groups. All the dry vegetation around the entire wetland man is cleaned up, and a fire-free belt is made. Although the wetland walks have been closed, it is not easy to prevent fire hazards. Every winter, staff will carefully clean up the dry vegetation.

  Pu Ziyi, a national nature reserve patrol patrol, told reporters, although the current protected area is closed, but still have a few citizens will sneak into wetlands, causing a certain difficulty to wetland patrol.

  "If someone throws the cigarette butter, I can ignite these dry weeds in the winter season, then we have a big thing. So we have to hurry to make fire isolation belts, you have to patrol the park every day, 24 hours Some people duty, do not dare to leave.

Pu Zhaxi said. Winter dry and dry, is a high-risk period of fire. Ru Lu wetland staff called on the public tourists to enter the wetland, not to throw the cigarette butt, protect the wetland ecological environment, everyone is responsible, we should joint Protect "Lhasa’s lungs", let Lhasa’s sky is blue, and the water is more beautiful.

(Editor: Chen Mengmeng).