Tianjin: Fully guarding the health of teachers and students and "safety on the tip of"

Tianjin: Fully guarding the health of teachers and students and "safety on the tip of"

Original title: Fully guarding the health of teachers and students and "safety on the tip of the tongue" On November 19, Tianjin held a conference on strengthening school food safety and multi – disease work, implementation of the municipal party committee, municipal government’s work requirements, deploying education system food safety, Common infectious diseases and epidemic prevention and control work key tasks.

Wang Tingkai, secretary of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, attended and speaking.

  Wang Tingkai emphasized that food safety, and more diseases and restrictions on teachers and health, campus safety, must adhere to prevention, comprehensive management. It is necessary to fully understand the common infectious diseases in winter, and the new challenges of the epidemic prevention and control situation have brought about the new challenges of school safety, always tightening the string of ideology, enhance sensitive sensitivity, and resolutely defend away from the school.

It is necessary to accurately implement various prevention and control measures, adhere to the "four mornings" principles, focus on key parts of the campus, key people, rigid implementation of health monitoring, safety management, etc., due to the optimization of prevention and control strategies, improve the emergency plan, A combination of a valid manager.

It is necessary to compare the responsibility, strictly implement the responsibility of the local responsibility, school subject responsibility, education, health, market supervision, etc. Check the effectiveness, hidden dangers and rectification and other work, and resolutely maintain the health and safety of teachers and the stability of campus.

  The meeting was held in a video form, in various district education bureaus, all colleges and universities set up a venue.

The seven actions of "grasping, strong weakness, and mining board" are also deployed at the meeting.

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