The shelves in the store are more palats (the little-inventory story)

The shelves in the store are more palats (the little-inventory story)

Good size, write down the data … In Guizhou Province, Guiyang City, Guiyang City, Guiyang City, Guiyang City, Longtan Community, Longtang County, Longtan County, Longtan Community, and Yang Dan played the space of their own store, and the plan will add a shelf. Yang Dan is a new resident of Longtan Community.

In June 2019, there is a sick elder. She has a child needs to take care of her. With the help of the local party committee and the government, I moved to the hardening house of Jinqiao Village in Jiyuan Town, Xiuwen County. .

When I arrived, how did a life plan solve? Yang Dan and her husband borrowed a money to friends and family, renting a community a 80 square meter facade, and opened the "Xiaoyang Changchao Supermarket". Poverty alleviation relocation points are not large, most residents are difficult masses, how high is the consumption level? How is the price? Can the goods can be sold? At first, Yang Dan is completely fine.

She recalled that in September, the small store officially opened. In the store, only 4 four-storey shelves were placed, and the sporadic entered the daily use of goods and grain and oil, and each type of goods only selected one or two brands, "thinking about 10,000 Can’t do it, you can lose less.

"The concerns have disappeared soon. As the only poverty alleviation and relocation point in the county, the local county party committee county government is under the community.

To build a school, investment in the two clothing processing plants, a bedding factory, a handbag packaging factory, relocation, can be employed, and the level of consumption is gradually improved. Soon, the goods in the store have met the customer needs. "Many customers will designate goods or brands, and we will continue to increase goods as needed.

Yang Dan said that by June 2020, the original shelves were not used, and a shelf was added.

The plus shelves quickly were filled with the goods, not long, the store added a layer on the 5 shelf, and added more brands for each single product.

This year, in the summer, the drink in the store is more popular, the new freezer space in the store began to be nervous, before the banking station, a box of wine has been piled up, and Yang Dan’s new rack has accelerated.

At the moment, the number of goods in the store has increased by at least 1 times higher than the opening store. The store’s daily business has been around 200 yuan to exceed 1,000 yuan. Yang Dan said: "The business is getting better and better, and our days are more expensive.

"Original publication in" People’s Daily Overseas Edition "(11th edition, July 21, 2021).