Russian-Chinese trust trust each other respect

Russian-Chinese trust trust each other respect

  "In 2001, Russia and China signed the" Sino-Russian Good Neighborly Friendly Cooperation Treaty ".

In the past 20 years, the relationship between the two countries has flourished.

At present, the relationship between the two countries is at the highest level of history. "On the eve of China, the Russian Foreign Minister Serge Lav Roff made the above representation when accepting the Chinese media.

  Ravrov said that this year is the 20th anniversary of the Treaty. The two sides have agreed to extend the treaty and Russia will also hold a celebration.

  Lav Rofe pointed out that in order to enhance the people of Russia to understand each other and traditional friendship, deepen all field exchange cooperation, since 2006, the two countries have held each other, language year, tourism year, young friendly exchange year, media exchange Large activities such as the year, local cooperation exchange year. In order to implement the important consensus of President President Putin and President Xi Jinping, Russian-Chinese and two countries held science and technology innovation year in 2020 to 2021.

This series of national themes’ events have effectively promoted the development of relations in all areas of the two countries, reflecting the high level of comprehensive strategic partnership between Russia in the new era of Russia, producing a good social response.

  Lav Rovee pointed out that in the framework of the above national theme, Russian Chinese and two countries held a series of activities, closely the people between the two countries, further consolidating the friendly public opinion and social foundation of the two countries, enriched Russian-Chinese new The Connotation of the Comprehensive Strategic Collaboration Partnership in the Times.

  Sino-Russian countries launched in August last year is still going on.

Ravrov said: "Now, strengthen high-tech field exchange, it is very important." According to him, the two sides will hold a total of thousands of activities, covering many areas of developing significance for national development, such as robotics, biology Technology, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Medicine, and History, Linguistics, Culture and Sociology.

  Laviron said that in the framework of Russian-Chinese science and technology, more than 500 activities have been held in the next year, and approximately 500 activities will be held this year. Among them, a series of seminars is to exchange experience in preventing control of neoguanponic epidemic. Russia-Chinese and two countries support and help, closely cooperate, and make an introduction to other countries. Ravrov said that for Russia, China is a real strategic partner and like-like.

Cooperation in the International Stage in Russia plays a stabilizer in the global and regional situation. The two countries trust each other and respect each other’s dialogue should establish a model for other countries. (This newspaper Moscow March 22).