Tuen Mun: Xin’an Town "Double Recruitment Double Guide" to do a big strong Huizhou specialty

Tuen Mun: Xin’an Town "Double Recruitment Double Guide" to do a big strong Huizhou specialty

  On December 7, Qigang Village, Qiaotang Village, Xin’an Town, Qimen County, showed special lively. On this day, Qixin Song, Dean of Huangshan College Life and Environmental Sciences, and several professors came to village, negotiating Huizhou special gourmet meat cake Development projects and sign the development of meat cakes innovation products. The meat cake is a famous specialty agricultural product in Xin’an Town.

In ancient Huizhou, eating a meat cake, there is a meaning of Great Grain, and there is a meaning of "year" to take long life, meaning is very beautiful.

But in a very long history of the past, the meat cake is used as a local traditional cuisine. Due to the unmanage of the deep people, it is only a kind of snack that the locals used for hospitality or home.

This year, the town of the town is in the hospitality of the training in Hangzhou, and learned that many Huizhou characteristic traditional cuisine started from the homework in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, so I thought of this town’s meat cakes with a very development potential.

He wanted to gain contact with the network live company of Zhejiang Zhenxing Rural Industry Group and reached the online sales cooperation intention. By online sales network, in less than a month, help farm farmers sell nearly 20,000 yuan of meat cake products. At the same time, he and the Gaotang Village of the two billets have established the farmers who produce traditional meat cakes and build "Qunmen County Xin’an Gaotang Tonghe Yushu Professional Cooperatives", aggregate the production power of zeroat, and form a fist advantage on the one hand. To make a large scale of industries; on the other hand, there is an idle assets of the village, increase the collective income of the village.

On the basis of the initial production and sales synchronization, Xin’an Town is innovative ideas, negotiate and reach a consensus with Huangshan College Life and Environmental Sciences, introducing the talents and wisdom of college food science and engineering to develop meat cakes. Innovative products, further explore the tourism food market. In addition, cultural people excavate the historical culture of the meat cake, and write all tastes, write traditional special food stories; and let go of the food restaurants such as Qianhong International Hotel in the county to develop meat cake, rich dining table food culture content, expand the consumer group . At present, Gaotang Village is actively striving for meat cakes. The food and silk cakes are optimistic. In particular, this time before the Spring Festival, many stores, the orders of the workshop continue, the town is organizing strength Overtime work to ensure on time delivery. (Qian Xin Sheng).