Van Zhou: Take the bridge of people in the hearts of the people in the cultural exchange

Van Zhou: Take the bridge of people in the hearts of the people in the cultural exchange

  Author: Department of Economics, Department of Economics, Department, Department of Economics, Department of Economics, Department of Economics, Mi Zhou, has two traffic aorta from China, one is the land of Zhang Yizhen Massi, one is the sea road of Zheng He Sail, which is actually the road to cultural exchanges. . Open today’s world map, China advocated "Silk Road Economic Belt" and "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" construction has opened a new era of different cultural exchanges.

my country and "One Belt All the way" participate in the country to realize the people’s hearts, need to work hard from many aspects, where culture is the force that must rely on.

Chinese traditional culture is a huge treasure house, condensed the spirit of the Chinese and unique wisdom. In the "One Belt All Road" construction, we should consciously promote the traditional Chinese culture to go out, and the cultural exchanges between other countries, and set up the bridge of the people.

  Provide cultural products and services in a targeted manner. Cultural exchanges are usually in the form of providing cultural products and services.

At present, Chinese traditional culture go out, what kind of cultural products and services should be provided outside? This is the first question that needs to be thought about in depth. Due to the natural environment, religious beliefs, living customs, value orientation and aesthetic taste, different countries’ demand for cultures must be very different. This requires us to investigate the cultural market of "all the way" to participate in the country and analyze the cultural preferences of their people. Only by finding the concerns and points of interest in the "all the way" participates in the people, there is a targeted cultural product and services to the road, and the Chinese traditional culture can go out and go in. Find the largest number of two-way communication.

The African herbal fare is impassioned, with a hot original atmosphere; Russian oil painting is highly realistic, the social tragic sense is strong; the Chinese Beijing Opera is profound, a simple movement contains unlimited means … These are all countries in the long river of each country, and accumulate The excellent traditional culture, the form is different, but the same is also wonderful.

The exchange of traditional culture should respect the difference, and it is concurrent.

Today, unidirectional, I will have difficulty in meeting the needs of multi-cultural mutual integrity. With the development of the times, the competition turned into a competition, and cultural exchanges were also transferred from one direction to you, I have your integration.

Embrace other excellent culture with open inclusive mental, good at finding the largest number of civil exchanges in cultural exchanges, is the only way to participate in the people’s hearts in the people of China.

  Presenting a traditional culture in modern manner. In recent years, more and more Chinese traditional cultural factors have been applied to fashion, movies, etc., and are concerned with many people and love. It can be seen that traditional culture should actively seek modern expressions and present in a new form of people who are happy.

If you cannot connect with the times, lack of modern expressions, some traditional cultural factors are easy to become a pile of zero-scattered symbols, tumbling materials.

The traditional Chinese culture must go out and must fully consider the acceptance habit of modern people.

This is the problem of Chinese traditional culture in foreign guanhui, and improving people must consider.

  Using Internet Thinking to Promote Culture and Technology Depth.

In the Internet age, people have changed significantly compared with past. China’s traditional culture should help "all the way" construction, should be good at expressing the express train by the Internet, relying on technology changes, broadening the communication channels, innovation. The traditional Chinese culture should go out, and it should promote the depth of culture and technology, truly "let the cultural relics in the banquet, exhibit the heritage on the vast land, writing in ancient books." The construction of "a belt all the way" has brought new opportunities to the Chinese traditional culture, and new requirements have also been put forward.

It is emphasized that it is not the best choice to develop Chinese traditional culture to the world. Only the proud cultural values ??can touch people’s hearts, only in market cultural products and services to occupy the market. Therefore, only those cultural spirit of the Chinese traditional culture, transcend the national boundaries, eternal charm, and the cultural spirit of contemporary value, promote the exchanges with other cultural exchanges, in order to better get together the bridge of the people .

(Van Zhou) [Responsible Editor: Pay Shuangqi].