Red Flag Roof Wells in Ganshi – 2011 China Red Tourism Expo Highlights

Red Flag Roof Wells in Ganshi – 2011 China Red Tourism Expo Highlights

Wells, red flag rolls, red melody echo.

On the basis of learning successful experience in the session, our province revolves high quality development in the new era of red tourism, and strive to create "four red boles" and highlights.

"Holy Land Red Bo": The main venue moved from the city to the red holy place this year is the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party. The Red Expo broke through the model of the Urban Office, and held the main venue and the four major events of the Red Expo, allocated in the cradle of the Chinese revolution – Jinggangshan, and held the day to create a commemoration day in the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Base. On October 27th, 4 divisions were set up in the central city of Ji’an City, Nanchang, Zhangzhou, and Pingxiang, giving a strong historical sense, on-site sense and experience giving guests and tourists.

The theme of this Red Expo is "Wan Mountain Red Wellness".

"Red" is the main color of the party, and the red boom under the 10-year-old glory, carrying the enthusiastic hopes of the overall recovery of the epidemic situation, symbolizing the booming of red tourism.

Red is the most vivid background of Jinggangshan.

When the Red Bo will meet Jinggangshan, the red this color is undoubtedly brighter.

"Cloud Red Bo": Will the Line Exhibition Scene to the line to fully consider the epidemic prevention and control and market demand, this Red Expo will move the scenery of the exhibition scene to the line, the first "Cloud Red Bo", Building a new exhibition form, achieving the expansion effect of "one button on the cloud, hundreds of enterprises, thousands of products, and thousands of people", to create a "never ending Red Expo".

The Red Bo will build 5G 3D pavilion, create interactive, shareable, experienced propagation products through new forms such as creative H5, interactive games, and cloud broadcasting. The organizer fully uses new forms, new technologies, new applications such as animation, short video, aerial photography, satellite image, and cloud broadcast, so that netizens are not limited by time, region, platform, etc., can immersely browse and experience this year’s red blog at any time, anywhere. Can. Even if you have not arrived at the scene, the public can also "cloud", feel the choice of the Red Expo.

The Red Expo has also launched the "small hand" IP image, and uses a variety of literary products such as WeChat expression packs to online different scenes, let red cultural symbols into the public vision, form a long-standing communication effect, more let Red culture is widely spread in the masses, especially young people. "Technology Red Bo": Cool Technology brings a new experience technology element is a major feature of this Red Expo.

The Red Expo exhibition will be held outdoors in outdoor, with "Star Bar" "Renaissance" "big plane" "maglev" flash shop and other modeling, and pay tribute to China’s scientific and technological achievements and construction achievements. "Put on the VR virtual helmet, sit on the sensational riding machine, can be in the scene of the great victory of Longyuan Dollar.

"" "Combined with the red story of the scenic spot, the scene is restored while playing, thus having more deep understanding of the red cultural connotation …" The Red Expo is focused on tourism high quality development, setting the tourism technology exhibition area, Wenchuang exhibition area, Rural Zhenxing Exhibition Area.

Especially a number of special tourism technology companies are actively participating, bringing Queang reading kiosk, AR desk, VR riding, 3D printing, holographic images and other innovative devices, enriching visitors experience. This not only allows the guest’s live experience and participation, but also shows the fusion of red tourism and new technology. "Creative Red Bo": The first night tour, built the "Star Market" this year’s Red Expo, through a creative activity, built a different red cultural feast.

Arts and evening innovation symphony "Sound poem" interpretation techniques, relying on 赣 湘 丰 红 红 资, in terms of scenario, integrated drama performance, song and dance performance, chorus group sing, matching poetry reading, etc. Talking about the red story of Yuxiang. For the first time, I realized the Night Tour of the Red Expo. I focused on building a "starlight market", extending the exhibition time, launched nighttime performance, integration with the night economy of Jinggangshan Scenic Area, including more than 20 counties (city, district) in Xiangli Field Red Culture Deductive Proposal Program, more than 30 agricultural products exhibitions, as well as a variety of night red tourism experience projects, enhance tourists’ participation.

(Reporter Gong Yanping) (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Qiu Wei) Sharing let more people see.