Supply chain crisis spawned a new business: "container blind box", an annual income of one million is not a dream

Supply chain crisis spawned a new business: "container blind box", an annual income of one million is not a dream

"China Economic Weekly" reporter Zhou Ruifeng compiled shops in Europe and America can not buy commodities, Asian manufacturers out of business behind closed doors, cargo ship blocked the Suez Canal again.

Every day seems to have a supply chain crisis reported. Many companies struggling to survive.

But the crisis has also spawned a new business. In Pentalver handling field near the English port of Felix Stowe, a crane holding a starting point to move to a bunch of colorful containers.

Crane grabbed the top of the container, when the bang bang it on the floor.

A man wearing an orange safety vest worker leaned down, along with a harsh spark, saw the door latch bolt seal.

The door opened, 22-year-old Jack Muslim walked up and looked inside.

I want to see what is there in the end.

Is a Muslim relief goods buyers. JSCargoFreightDisposal his company acquired a number of containers filled with abandoned cargo shipping companies want to process.

Relief goods business is booming recently.

Logistics company DSV executives Niels Larsen said the global crisis has led to a global supply chain port about three million containers are stranded. Michigan Assistance Corporation (. Michigan-basedSalvageGroupsInc) boss Tom Enders said: If a commodity can not reach their destinations on time, it will usually lose the initial value. Customers sometimes rejected, or simply give up (of goods). In this case, the shipping company can contact a company like ours, as much as possible to save a little back from the loss of the cargo inside.

Stranded goods usually depreciated.

For example, the food will deteriorate; seasonal items, like the fans have their value only in the summer; preparation for a construction project machine, probably too late, the project is long over, they have been retained. If the storage fee than the goods themselves, even if it is intact goods will become worthless. Paul Rowe Chandler, general manager of the British crown rescue company (CrownSalvage) said: You put a container left on the dock for six months, you definitely do not want to know how much this bill is terrible. Since April this year, ocean freight has more than doubled, while the container around the world are in short supply, so the transportation companies eager to these containers can be put into use as soon as possible. Tom Enders said: containers are idle, no one can make money.

Supply chain is moving, everyone has money to make.

This is the entry point of the cargo rescue company.

According to the container, what they either pay for the goods, or take the appropriate fee to empty the box.

Swin said: We are people who solve problems. We are dealing with these transport companies, they don’t want to containers, just want to take an empty box. He has been dealt with more than 200 containers this year.

It is difficult to determine the total value of global goods rescue business because it is highly dispersible, and most participants are private companies. The Salvex, headquartered in Houston, is one of the top ten headers in the industry. The company claims that it is worth 52 billion in goods on the Internet, but not all goods are dealing with container, which also helps shopping malls to deal with excess stock .

The size of goods rescue profits depends on how they have cleverly deal with these goods. When the goods are not worth or dangerous, they are commissioned in the treatment cost; when they have valuable, they profit in the resale. Each container is different, and each time I open the treasure chest is a test of intuition. For example, Slin bought a container, and its trunk is only written with home items [car].

But what does this mean Slin say: What you open may be completely different from expected. This is a challenge. You will think, okay, I can send this (goods) where I can use this in the afternoon of November, the sun passes through the open door. Slin got his answer.

A compass car that may have a seventh year of the seventh year of the seventh year, and it is full of clothes and household items in the car.

The owner seems to have moved from Africa to the UK, but later I don’t know where it go.

Slin said, even if he doesn’t have legal ownership of this car, this car will also have a certain value; he will sell it to dealers who deal with this type of thing, maybe you can earn little money.

90% of goods in the world are transported by sea, so anything may fall into the hands of the cargo rescue company.

In Slin’s office, there are some recently acquired goods samples: a box of aluminum outer tabs, a bag of rice, and a problematic electric motorcycle. (Recently he handled a group of defective medical beauty filler, he did not retain samples.) Another morning, he opened a box of pumpkin seeds, but it has become metastasis; after a few hours, he opened it. 6 tons of cheese this is what cheese and how to eat, he will wait and see. Slin believes that he can find a buyer for rice, because these rice is packaged, and after a sanitary quarantine approval; pumpkin seeds and cheese may be sent to anaerobic treatment, producing methane for the power plant. In terms of cargo assistance, the UK is in front of the United States.

Because in addition to the new crown epidemics, the United Kingdom also suffered two two disasters against the British Deep, the Suez Canal, the Suez Canal, in March this year. Vidler is working in this industry for 45 years. He said: We have never been so busy now, completely flooded. US cargo rescue company expects that the US market will also catch up.

Salvex’s executive Ben Renault said that the increase in transportation is coming. Due to the backlog of containers, some people will reject or give up the goods.

He said that although Los Angeles, Long Beach and other ports are now a nightmare, but during the Christmas peak, the congestion will become worse, and will last for 6 months after Christmas peak. Three years ago, Slin founded his company in the bedroom of his parents. When the new crown epidemics broke out, his company was still in its starting stage. Swed said: When I started, I am still very panic. Do you think about our business? On the contrary, a large-scale economic chaos leads to a wide range of abandonment, and his business is also better. Today, Slin cooperates with a world’s largest shipping company (he can’t disclose the name), and signed an exclusive contract in the UK, responsible for handling unintended containers.

With the help of brothers and mothers, he handled 5 to 10 containers per week, with an annual income of about 500,000 pounds (about 4.21 million yuan). He expects this number next year to reach £ 1 million (about 8.42 million yuan). But such a good time may not last too long.

With the development of vaccination in the United States, Europe and other regions, consumers also turn from the purchase of goods to the purchase service, and the resumption of the supply chain will be treated.

The change has quietly happened that this is also one of the reasons why the world shipping prices began to fall. Of course, if the mystery varies causing a new round of epidemic prevention blockade, the supply chain is normalization may be postponed.

Swed is not worried.

He said that there will always be excess containers need to be handled, nor only if the transportation delay will bring business.

He recently snapped up a group of high-end leather.

These leather originally planned to be used as a wall panel of a private yacht. But because of wrinkles, buyers refuse to collect goods. When Swed bought this batch of goods, only a few photos as a reference, but he gambled, and finally he sold these leather to Vidler, and earned a big profit. Swin said: We are a one-stop service. If it is food garbage, we can clean it.

If we are something like a dress, we can buy it.

This is what our customers want to solve their problems, so they will worry.

Compile from Bloomberg, "Wall Street Journal" Editor: Guo Yuyao.