Taizhou Jiaojiang: "Five Pictures"

Taizhou Jiaojiang: "Five Pictures"

  On the morning of July 27, Taizhou Jiaojiang District and Qingdao Zhonghai Ocean Group completed signing, and realized land listed on the same day. On August 27, the marine biological product production base project was successfully rested.

As the largest marine economic investment project in the history of Jiaojiang, the total investment of 5 billion yuan "marine peptide" project is only 11 days of docking to sign, from the signing of the resumption 31 days, the writing is not only "Jiaojiang speed", but also continues Create the "Jiaojiang" of the best business environment.

  High-quality development construction is a common wealthy first demonstration area, Jiaojiang adheres to the first quality standard, the first requirements, and focus on the urban and rural construction map, the industry is full, the environment is a beautiful picture, the people’s livelihood sharing map, the society to treat the map "five pictures "Carefully create" private economy, new scenes, urban and rural coordination, internal and external circulation, enhanced music, high public service, cultural prosperity, ecological civilization " View "Ten Views".

  Urban and rural construction: urban and rural integration "beauty and common" summer evening, along the South Bank all the way, green road, miniature forest, water shore and buildings are missing, cycling and jogging "and drive" … this year July , The first section of the Binjiang, the first-grade, 710 meters of entertainment, culture, and leisure, Jiaojiang South River, Jiaojiang, China.

In the future, here is the "Bund" of Taizhou people.

After it, "Water Street" is about to be unveiled. This is a "one river and two sides of the river" in fashion and classical, there is also a high-speed rail new district called "City New Portal" and is known as the business core area known as "City Conference Living Room".

The three major blocks were all, painted as "urban skyline" in Jiaojiang. The high-rise building is an intuitive manifestation of urban modernization. This city wants "color value" and more connotation. In a short period of time, the Jiaojiang Pan lives 56 buildings, created 6 "100 million yuan". On August 2, Jiaojiang is "holding hands" Dai De Liang, creating a city "air" growth pole. Continuously quenching "Golden House", so that the building economy continues to develop high quality.

  The north bank of the river, also happened to the earth-shaking change.

Last year, after 17 months of repair project, Zhang An Old Street (Huedong Section) welcomes all parties in a new face. Introducing non-legacy projects around Taizhou, spare no effort to create an old street specialty store, reproduce the "Haijiang" central block for the past, realize the protection and utilization of the ancient villages, cultural traceability and industrial revitalization. Organic binding. Not far from Zhang An Xie Zhang Village, "Night Tour Light Show" hegemony friends circle, "Huahai Windmill Festival" meets Provence, Taiping Mountain’s foot garden picking new model … There are no idios, Xia Chen, Chencun, Chencun, Become "get rich" with lotus flowers.

  Dachen Island far from the 29 nautical miles, through the fishendal island’s transformation, 45 guests and farmhouses, and "Da Chen Huangfu" through multi-upgrade, becoming a bright new business card.

  Today, Jiaojiang, urban and rural areas, north-south coordination, Luzhou Linked, township, rich, and a "beautiful and common" urban and rural construction map Xu Xu launched.

  Green Development: "Two Years" activities run out "acceleration" Take the Dongfeng of "Digital China" Embigum, first try first in digital innovation, enter the "first part of the digital economic innovation in Zhejiang Province."

  Recently, Jiakuo Enterprise Jack Shares listed in Zhejiang "Future Factory" pilot construction. From the "digital brain" to "digital cloud brain", the intelligent level of sewing equipment has brought greater imagination to the production scenarios of apparel companies.

Jack takes the leading enterprise resource advantage, takes the enterprise "partner management" model, and implements the shared sharing of R & D technology, talent resources, etc. with upstream and downstream enterprises. Through the extension and optimization of the industrial chain, the leading company is core, SME High quality industrial cluster for supporting. Strong lead, with a group of industries, live a party economy, rich and one people, have become the "golden key" of Jiaojiang to open the common prosperity road.

  At the same time in the high-quality development of the industry, the high level of the Ecotropic environment in the Jiaojiang has continued to improve, showing the top environment of human and natural harmony, and the highly developed ecological civilization.

  Luoxia and lonely fly, autumn water is a long day.

This is the "ecological circle" "ecological circle" after optimization, and you can shoot poetry.

Jiaojiang "Ocean Cloud" recycling ship pollutants have expanded to all-category and is also equipped with a pretreatment system. The newly added three-color code management system has greatly increased recovery efficiency. At the same time, Jiaojiang also established a fishery digital credit system, expanding digital + finance, digital + economy and other special services, providing Digital transformation of the province to provide Jiaojiang experience.

  There is "Ocean Cloud" three-color code to protect the Jiaojiangkou, there is "five-color management", which is environmentally friendly "errands".

  Jiaojiang Innovation "Environmental Life Cycle One thing" management platform, with daily information collection: there is a drone infrared cruise, there is a buoy water quality, groundwater monitoring station, there is organic exhaust gas in the land, there is no one in the water. Surveying, all-round, no dead angle, uninterrupted, generate analytical data by management platform, automatically forming "green, blue, yellow, orange, red" color code.

The competent department is based on the five-color code, and the company has achieved the intelligence of the enterprise from the simple pollutant end emission test. At present, Jiaojiang has completed the construction of 100 kilometers of "seven-ring, six axis", and the city has a greenway to reach km.

Da Chen Island built a national first island "green hydrogen" demonstration project, supporting high-quality development of tourism and aquaculture industry in the island, achieving renewable energy power over 50%, creating "carbon neutralization" demonstration island gold business card. Overall Zhizhi: Book in Jiaojiang, a new answer, to solve the problem of "difficult to see a doctor, seek medical attention, purchase medicine", and introduce the "three medical linkage" models, first in Dashan Island Practice and exploration.

  This year, I am more interested in building a "three medical linkage" medicine and provincial and convenient service version. In the Great Chendao convenience service station, build a wisdom pharmacy service station, add the experts of the province’s three hospital experts to internet treatment, and strive for the long triangle, online medical insurance The province is covered in the province, synchronized in the future community, elderly community and mature community promotion, iterative upgrade "Internet + remote diagnosis + electronic prescription + drug circulation + automatic sale + medical insurance payment + drug service" "three doctors" Pharmaceutical provincial heart and convenience service application. Life is more comfortable in Jiaojiang, older people. "Long Love Code", "digital business card", use QR code as a logo, pension service is a commodity, intelligent operation as a means … with the simplest way, collect resources of more than a dozen departments, Service elderly. This year, the Jiaojiang Society, the Group is responsible for implementation, and the old canteen is established in the Baiyun, Haimen, Hequ, Hongjia and other places. Green green plants, vintage players, nostalgic 蓑 … Nostalgic retro winds and literary breath full, more importantly, here is the social entertainment venues of the elderly, are their other home. In Jiaojiang, the pilot work of public housing agencies is being promoted, and 7 housing agencies have passed the records. 99 inspector, 538 retention, solve the dual staff family with a baby pain. Children in the compulsory education phase also have precise "hosted". In recent years, Jiaojiang has adopted the "government payment, campus hosted" form, and take the lead after the pilot, the free "hosting" service has become a national first batch of compulsory education.

  In order to enhance the well-being of people’s livelihood, highlight the people’s supreme feelings; focusing on improving regional governance, adhere to Changzhi Long An Life Line. In recent years, Jiaojiang explores the "Yijia + Zengyuan" has been widely launched in social strength to participate in social governance, and builds a joint degree of social governance and sharing social governance system.

Built in the province’s first "group workers, social workers, volunteers" base – "Yijia", set up 12 groups in the whole district, 12 social institutions and 6 public welfare headquarters, radiation chain 454 social organizations, 2256 Social organization for a community. Under the leader of "Yijia + Zengyuan", social contradiction disputes are basically resolved in the base layer, and the total rate of solution reaches%. Recently, the two old communities in the Jiajiang Xinyuan Community and the city garden have changed. On July 12th, these two communities were signed by the quasi-property management service, which is also a pilot community that hosted the management of old small quarters in the city.

According to the concept of "a small area and one program", the "government guidance, residential autonomous, state-owned enterprise service" is adopted, and various infrastructure of the old community will be upgraded and gradually complete the closure and intelligent transformation of pilot cells.

  Since last year, Jiaojiang District has actively responded to the "community whistle, party members to report", and launched 6455 people in the region to actively participate in urban grassroots governance. Social governance pattern. "High-quality development construction is a common prosody demonstration area, the key is to focus on the ‘five pictures’, carefully create the’ top of the top". Jiaojiang will strive to create excellence, lay a solid foundation, clear goal for the road The path is to draw a vivid picture for the road to Fuzhi. "Wang Zongming, secretary of the Jiajiang District Party Committee. Practice the mission, the journey is like a rain. The new journey is already blown, and the Jiajiang is struggling to start again. (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.