Taiyuan City strengthens the prevention and control of the school

Taiyuan City strengthens the prevention and control of the school

  Original title: [Cautiously do the beginning of normalization of normalized epidemic prevention] Taiyuan City strengthens the school’s epidemic prevention and control work, all schools have not passed the autumn, and the autumn will start school. In order to implement national, provincial, and city epidemic Control work deployment, on August 19th, Taiyuan City’s new coronary virus infection, the leadership team of the epidemic prevention and control work, issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Autumn Periodic Work in Autumn in the Autumn of New Zealand" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice" ), Requires various counties (cities, districts) epidemic prevention and control leadership groups, the members of the city’s epidemic prevention and control Leading Group must press the prevention and control responsibility, implement the decline prevention and control measures, and the implementation of the work, and effectively guarantee The teachers and students are healthy and life safety.

  "Notice" requires counties (cities, districts), all kinds of schools at all levels should improve the epidemic prevention and control emergency management mechanism, to ensure the normal operation of the mechanism, and sudden events should be able to start immediately and quick and effective disposal.

Strictly implement the "Daily Report" system, strictly implement the duty, and the real system. Strengthen the campus and surrounding key areas, key positions, key links, and one party affairs responsible comrades every day in the bipowatt, on duty personnel 24 hours. It is necessary to further refine the improvement of campus management and personnel management programs, and foreign personnel shall not enter the campus, and the school buildings must not lease to other institutional organizations and training activities, and school is suspended for all large aggregation activities.

Further improved human defense, physical defense, technical defense related measures and facilities, school arrangements, campus maintenance, etc., must strictly implement real-name registration, body temperature and health monitoring, "health code, travel card" inspection and other systems.

To comprehensively combine the school, teaching, activities, dining, school, accommodation, etc.

  To continue to track the health status of teachers and students, classify the health status and travel trajectory of the training teachers and students in the summer, leaving school, and out the internship training teachers and students, establishing communication with the "one-to-one" communication and troubleshooting mechanism of teachers and students in high-risk areas in the epidemic. Strictly control teachers and students to visit high-risk regions in the epidemic, and now teachers and students in high-risk areas are suspended. To "one person," to establish health information desk account, do well in the school, and the health monitoring of all kinds of people outside the school.

It is necessary to make full use of the summer vacation "window period" for the campus environmental infrastructure, accommodation safety, school bus safety, water supply, power supply, fire, hazardous chemical, and the surrounding environment of the environment, etc., comprehensive rectification to eliminate all kinds of risk hazards. To strengthen the cleaning and ventilation and disinfection of key areas such as classrooms, dormitory, office, canteen, sports venues, libraries, toilets. According to the deployment of national, provincial and municipal unified arrangements, carry out the new crown vaccination work of 12-17 people, the first agent of high school students has been fully launched, and the inoculation of students in the remaining sects will be carried out. The 2021 high-tech graduates were organized by the former graduation schools to organize vaccination related work. "Notice" requires all counties (cities, districts), all kinds of schools in all levels, early planning work, according to the principle of "one school and one policy", refine the improvement of the autumn semester to return to school, epidemic prevention and control work program, epidemic situation Preventive and control emergency disposal plans, implementation of wrong and wrong peak region return school requirements, scientific and reasonable determination of students return school batches and time.

To continue to implement the "one school three special shift" security mechanism, and do a good job with the local community, public security, health, medical and other departments, and perform actual performances in the school prevention and control work and emergency treatment, fully do a good job in normalized epidemic prevention and control and Emergency disposal work, ensuring smooth and orderly. Be a good job in school protection, doing a good isolation site as soon as possible. Before school, counties (municipalities, districts) people’s governments should continue to coordinate education, health, disease control, public security, market supervision and other departments, and accept the school conditions at all levels at all levels. Not allowed to start without acceptance or acceptance. (Reporter Li Linxia).