Society back to Anning Xiangjiang show new look

Society back to Anning Xiangjiang show new look

  "Hey! The bank of Mong Kok has also begun to dismantle the board!" Recently, Hong Kong’s foreign bank Mong Kok Branch’s business hall demolition photo is circulated on the network, causing numerous netizens to praise hot discussion. During the "Model Storm" in 2019, Hong Kong Many Places and Shops were smashed by mob, and Mong Kok is a hardest hit.

Banks have to strengthen safety and have to stand the board to prevent mobs.

Nowadays, the bank of Mong Kok can be dismantled, normal operation, and many citizens sigh. "Even the bank also relieves the board, Hong Kong is really safe." "Fortunately, there is a national security law" … a year ago, the central government is shot, Hong Kong Guoan The law promulgated. In the past year, the effective implementation of the Guoan Law in Hong Kong has been effective against the inverse chaos forces. Street violence is no longer raging, and the society will return to peace, Hong Kong realizes a major turning point of chaos and treatment.

  Building a safe and welfare bottom line July 1st, in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, the 24th anniversary of Hong Kong, in the new Trunkou gym, hundreds of people launched a giant national flag, sing "singing the motherland", moving. "This scene is unimaginable before the implementation of the Hong Kong Guoan Law.

Chen Yong, a representative of the National People’s Congress of the Hong Kong District, Chen Yong, a vice chairman of the People’s Congress, said that Hong Kong citizens did not say that the national flag participated in activities, even if the standing and opposing illegal acts, it was possible to threaten life security.

After the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, Hong Kong citizens no longer suppress their patriotic emotions. Everyone can finally speak the rule of law, telling patriotism. Anju Leye, enjoying peace tea rice, is a simple wish of Hong Kong people.

The citizens who live in Tuen Mun are emotion, and the districts are very mess in the past few years, and the daughter let him go out as little as possible. "Now there is a national security law, the security is greatly improved." Deng Shu said that only those talents who are guilty will be opposed and fear of Hong Kong Guoan Law, Hong Kong Guohang Law is definitely a good thing for the vast majority of people.

  According to the statistics of Hong Kong police, in 2019, the number of crimes in Hong Kong in 2020 increased by weight,%.

In the first quarter of this year, the number of crimes fell by about 10% year-on-year.

"The Implementation of the Hong Kong Guohang Law, reversed the behavior of Hong Kong’s society in the past, the destruction order and the peaceful behavior.

Li Jiachao, Director of the Hong Kong SAR Government Administration, said. The implementation of the Hong Kong Guohang Law, complementing the system short board in the SAR to maintain national security, ending the national security in Hong Kong’s "non-defense" history, which is powerful to shock those attempt to split the country, subversion The national regime, organized terrorist activities and collike foreign or overseas forces to harm the national security. "Hong Kong Guoan Law is the ‘霹雳 霹’ ‘against external intervention.

Liu Guangyuan, the special staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong, said that the Hong Kong Guoxi Rushing refers to the crime of harming the national security, effectively repaining the external forces to collude local anti-chaos to intervene in Hong Kong affairs. "Some countries have developed after the Hong Kong National Security Law, Waving ‘sanctions’ great, this can only show that they are hit, more proved that the Hong Kong Guoan Law’ is a reason, just right. "Liu Guangyuan said.

  "The central government’s determination to maintain national security is the strongest national will, which is unmovable and cannot be shaken." Zhengyanxiong, Director, Director of China, said that the anti-chaos of Hong Kong said effective to fight, the people are re-enhanced stability Xianghe, fully prove that the central determination will and good hard work have been transformed into powerful legal power, and build the bottom line for the security well-being of Hong Kong’s most public.

  Economic and social return to the right track "Safety and development is one of the two wings, the driver is the first premise of safety as development.

"In the past two years, Hong Kong citizens will be especially deep about this sentence.

  Prior to the introduction of Hong Kong Guohang Law, Hong Kong is experiencing the economic development. In 2019, the GDP has been negative growth in ten years. The unemployment rate has increased rapidly, and the number of visitors in Hong Kong has caused the retail industry to suffer.

  In March of this year, Hong Kong media has brought the "10 major events of the 2020 Hong Kong business community", "Hong Kong Guoan Law Implementation" is in the first place. Middle margins, a few sets of statistics after the Hong Kong Guoan Law implement a year: According to the statistics of the Hong Kong SAR Government Statistics, as of June 2021, GDP growth in the first quarter of 2021, 2021 first The total revenue of Hong Kong local residents increased year-on-year, and the total sales value of the retail industry in April 2021 increased year-on-year … Chen Maobo, the Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong SAR Government, pointed out that the so-called "Hong Kong Guoan Law will harm the status of Hong Kong Economics and International Finance Center "The statement has long been broken, but more than 50 billion US dollars have flowed into Hong Kong over the past few months." More than 9,000 in the mainland and overseas companies operated in Hong Kong last year, 1500 Hong Kong are regional headquarters, fully display from Enterprises from all over the world are full of confidence in Hong Kong.

"" Xiangjiang Town, Xichang Chen, sent Dragon Boat, Chen Kang. "After the implementation of the Hong Kong Guohang Law, Huatai Financial Holdings (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Wang Lei blessed Hong Kong.

He believes that the status of Hong Kong’s international financial, shipping and trade center in Hong Kong will be consolidated, and the rule of law and business environment are more excellent. Director of Xinhong Ji Estate, National Youth League Standing Committee Guo Kihui found that in this year, Hong Kong has a good social order, stock market, property market, stable, economic recovery, and development have been seen.

"There are many shopping malls and hotel accommodation can consume, the lively scene reproduce, so that Hong Kong has a lot of colors.

"After the social stability, the business is more gratifying is that the epidemic is being controlled. Hong Kong did not have new local confirmed cases in the past month.

  "Central decisive, develop Hong Kong Guoan Law, implement the" Patriot Governor "principle, so that Hong Kong will return to the right track, and the Hong Kong Legislative Council will return to efficient.

"The Chairman of the Hong Kong Legislative Council said that in the past, some Members have passed the malicious" Rab ", obstructing the operation of the Legislative Council, colluding the external forces, and is completely harmful to Hong Kong’s livelihood and economy.

  Liang Junyan said that as the Legislative Council resumes an orderly operation, the spirit of the members is also new, expected to encourage more people to do things for Hong Kong. "I believe that with the in-depth implementation of the Hong Kong Guohang Law and the improvement of the SAR election system, with the implementation of the national ‘fourteenth five’ planning and Hong Kong better integrate into the national development overall situation, the Special Zone will have more safe time than in history. The stable development environment, the future of Hong Kong must be beautiful! "Luo Huining, director of the Hong Kong Zi Dynasty, said. "Guoan family is" deep into the people’s fact that Hong Kong Guoan Law is the maintenance of the overall interests of Hong Kong’s overall interests and the fundamental well-being of the public. In the past year, with the effective implementation of the Hong Kong Guohang Law, the concept of "Guoan’s Good Home" has gradually been deeply rooted.

  "I used to safeguard national security. Many citizens feel that they have nothing to do with themselves, but the situation has become different after the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law.

  On April 15 this year, Hong Kong ushered in the first national security education day after the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law. At the opening ceremony of the day, Zheng Yan Xiong grateful to Hong Kong people in Cantonese: "Everyone is full of national conditions, do not forget the national righteousness, from the strangeness, guess, wait and see to accept, welcome, support, and experience a nature , A very reasonable process, the overall effect of the expected position, this is the most important basis for Hong Kong to maintain national security, safeguarding Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability. The life is in implementing the implementation of the Hong Kong Guoan Law, and is inseparable from the participation of the whole society. .

A group of incomplete statistics show that more than 1 million people have browsed the website of "National Security Education Day" activities in April; 60,000 students from 450 students and 8,000 teachers, as well as more than 200 Judges and judicial officers, legal people; there are more than 300 community organizations before and after launching thousands of volunteers, setting up more than 5,400 publicity street stations.

  "The Hong Kong Guoan Law changes to the Hong Kong campus, not only the past is not rising the national flag, now rising, or not singing the national anthem, now singing, but fundamentally correcting the incident of the past There have been no respect for the national flag and national anthem Phenomenon. "Deng Fei, Vice President of the Hong Kong Education Worker League, believes that national security education has its urgent and necessity in Hong Kong:" It is not just the response to ‘black storm’, but also through regular courses to make Hong Kong youth Understand the importance of national security.

"The Hong Kong SAR Government Education Bureau has recently issued a notice, and 8 primary and secondary schools have added to join the national security education elements. Those national security education curriculum frameworks, which announced this year, Hong Kong primary and secondary schools have introduced national education content.

  "In the past year, the entire government team has started working in many ways, will safeguard the concept of national security and integrate into the work of the SAR Government.

"Li Jiachao introduced that the SAR government has asked all government officials and civil servants to swear or make statements in accordance with the law, confirming the support of the Basic Law of Hong Kong, ENTERVID SAR, and the responsibility of the SAR Government," We are also strengthening the civil servant’s national security law to help civil servants Hong Kong Guoan Law enhances their awareness of national security. "In the future, we will promote Hong Kong’s safeguarding national security in the concept of overall national security concept, ensuring comprehensive understanding, full promotion and full range of practices.

"Hong Kong Special Administrative Chief Expo, Lin Zheng Yue, said that the SAR Government will continue to mobilize the participation of the whole society, earnestly improve the national security awareness and law-abiding consciousness of Hong Kong people, and make" safeguarding national security, everyone is responsible. "

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