String and storytelling Dong Bi Wu Nanhu question poetry red print second episode

String and storytelling Dong Bi Wu Nanhu question poetry red print second episode

In fact, there are only 15 party copies through the year, and each word is not long, and there is less than 1000 words. However, the strips are speaking, and force the paper. Establishing a local committee, party members should be 5 or 8, which seems to be detailed, fully proves that our party is in the early days of creation.

When discussing the program and draft resolution, the representatives have both consistent understanding and intense debates. For example, surrounded by Mr. Sun Yat-sen, some people think he is a warlord, and someone thinks should cooperate with him.

Later, representatives formed a consensus in the discussion, Mr. Sun Yat-sen is an object that can be united. Chen Li, director of the Historical Show Chen Department of Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Hall, said that Dong Biwu comrades is the only representative of the revision of Nanhu. According to him, the party’s pass is not easy. "He said: ‘At that time, sometimes the quarrel is still more fierce, like" China) Communist Party Declaration ", there is mentioned that it is not passed.’ There are many views that the debate is more fierce." It is this beginning. Only 15 parties were determined by the Chinese Communist system, especially in the organizational charter, clearly put forward the party membership must be introduced by party members, and the candidate party members have been taken for receipts. When they still use the party to our party today. It is more than 90 million Communist Party members need to perform the party procedures. In April, Jiangnan, the smoke and rain, the spring rain, and the time stopped. Comrade the 78-year-old Dong Biwu returned to South Lake, this time, the arrived in 1921 has passed a whole for 43 years. At that time, South Lake didn’t, the representatives turned a hurry, burning the revolutionary fire into the land of the motherland.

Since then, Xinghuo Yuanyuan, dreams set sail, and in the eye has been in the past half a century, and the sun and the moon are changed.

Comrade Dong Biwu slowly boarded the smokesture building, appreciating the lakes of the same year, and then embarked on a major commemorative ship that researched the Chinese Communist Party. He carefully viewed the shape, the cabin and the display arrangement of the ship, and failed to connect, this boat, my memories were made, resulting in success.

At that moment, he as if he saw the young people in 1921, how to fight the high-spirited, how to detonate thunder, unveiled the most shine and magnificent Jianye. Director Chen Li, director of the historical newspaper Show Chen Department of Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Hall: When visiting, Dong Lao is very careful, saying: "Let’s take a look at the red ship." At that time, Dong Dong had a 78-year-old, and the banner is full of spirit.

At that time (he) squated to the red boat, he said: "I think this boat is right, it is successful."

Then he looked at it, it was still very excited. Excited Dong Lao, still mentally flat after visiting, and immediately wrote this poem. "In the revolutionary voice, the birth of the party will celebrate the workers. Heavy comments are in the Ching Ming Festival, and the smoke and rain are visiting the old trace.

"The language is simple, and the emotions are deeply denied.

In 1921, China is experiencing a deep national crisis.

The wind and rain, the dark night, the countless benevolent people have carried out a hard-working exploration and unyielding struggle, ushered in today’s light.

The red boat on the South Lake is the cradle of the birth of the Communist Party of China.

The leaders of the Chinese revolution made a shocking feat, and the face of the Chinese revolution is new.

Chen Li, director of the Nanhu Revolution Memorial Hall, Chen Li: He is clearly proposed in this poem, what is the initial heart of the Communist Party of China? "Birth of the Parthen-Congratulations" is for the sake of industrial and agriculture, it is for the people in the people, this is the initiality and mission of the Chinese Communist Party, and the initial and mission have not changed.

Now, walking in the south lake, you can see the red boat quietly in the lake, in the east of the ship, built a monument booth, Dong Lao’s poem is a monument, standing in Ting. This Pavilion is also named "Visiting Tracks". The meaning of the revolutionary spirit is passed down, and the red ship story is passed down.