Tibet Household Hospital and Changdu People’s Hospital Signing Ceremony

Tibet Household Hospital and Changdu People’s Hospital Signing Ceremony

  Recently, the Tibet Household Sanitary Warehouse and the Tibet Household Hospital jointly organized by the Changdu People’s Hospital, the contracting ceremony of the Medical Federation of the Handu City.

  Among academic exchange activities, many experts have special lectures and clinical ideas and treatment processes for the treatment of chest pain center construction, acute coronary syndrome.

Participants were warmly discussed and the academic atmosphere was strong. "This activity is conducive to better extension of the diagnosis and treatment advantage of the chest pain, and will further enhance the hospital’s ability to treat, safeguard health, and promote health.

"The Dean of the People’s Hospital of Changdu City said.

  After the signing ceremony, the relevant comrades of the Tibet Office will continue to further deepen cooperation with the Changdu People’s Hospital to promote the level of the two medical services, and promote the Changdu People’s Hospital in clinical practice, medical management to standardize, system Moving, process, standardization, let chest pain patients can get rapid diagnosis, effectively improve the health and quality of life of the people. (Editor: Tieren Luo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.