Resolutely defend the bottom line that does not have regional systematic risk

Resolutely defend the bottom line that does not have regional systematic risk

On June 16, Xianhui, deputy secretary of the party committee of the autonomous region, presided over the Government’s Government Debt Management Leading Group Conference on the Autonomous Region, emphasizing the spirit of general secretary of Xi Jinping on preventing the important indication of the government’s debt risk, and implemented the Party Central Committee, the State Council Major Deployment Strengthen debt management in accordance with the law, effectively prevent the risk of resolve the risk, and resolutely hold the bottom line of regional systematic risk.

The meeting pointed out that the party center of Xi Jinping is highly attached importance to local government debt problems, making clear requirements, formulating strict regulations, making important deployments, providing important guidance to prevent significant risks to prevent resolution. The party committee and government of the autonomous region resolutely implemented the Party Central Committee, the State Council decision-making deployment, many convene research, the introduction of policies, and actively and resolve the stock, according to law, according to law, strict control of increasing, the debt continued to decline, risk overall control. All local departments should stand in the "two maintenance" political heights, to prevent government debt risks as major political tasks, major economic work, major legal responsibility, correctly handle debt scale and solvency, construction needs and economic security Relationship, fully prevent all kinds of risks to ensure that it is always controlled at reasonable levels.

The meeting emphasized that various departments should focus on key tasks, and fully rectify the government debt field highlights. Strict control of government debt risks, fully implement the government debt resolution programs, close attention to "borrowing, use, management, also" key links, improve long-range supervision mechanism, strengthen the whole process of bond funds, and never allow new implicit debts, Gradually reduce overall debt; strict project construction management, comprehensively implement the "Government Investment Management Measures", strict procedures, strengthen the project argument, standardize the implementation of project implementation, and resolutely clean up the remediation of the building hall, resolutely eliminate unwanted first construction, violation Approval, etc., eliminate hidden dangers from the source, reduce risk; strictly manage financial funds, firmly establish "tight days" ideas, strengthen budget management, optimize performance management, use limited funds to develop economy, improve people’s livelihood, constantly improve Financial fund configuration efficiency and use efficiency.

The meeting requires that all departments should take the initiative to actively take the initiative to prevent the initiative of government debt.

Strictly implement the land responsibility and subject responsibility, improve the debt resolution plan, enhance the dynamic management of the list, build longitudinal to the end, transverse to the side responsibility system. It is necessary to coordinate development and safety, scientifically distinguish between risks, accurate formulation of countermeasures, early discovery, early report, early intervention, early place, never let small risk evolutions are big risks, individual risk evolution is comprehensive risk, local risk evolution Regional systematic risk.

We must improve the responsibility to check the mechanism, improve the supervisory system, strengthen the implementation constraint, strict investigation of violations, and effectively resolve government debt, risk prevention and control. Zhao Yongqing, the Standing Committee of the Autonomous Region Party Committee, and the Vice President of the Autonomous Region, Wang Heshan, Liu Ke, Yang Peijun, Wu Xiuzhang, Chen Chunping attended the meeting and speaking. (Reporter Zhou Yimei) (Editor: 梦, Jia Ru).