Regulatory out of control causes the Bitcoin crazy

Regulatory out of control causes the Bitcoin crazy

[] Recently, Bitcoin and other encrypted currency prices have fallen sharply, many experts and Wall Street industry insiders believe that due to the serious market speculation, investors in Bitcoin futures, the investors, the recent capital market adjustment, causing the encrypted currency to fall sharply, Bitcoin Mining and cost will be continuously adjusted, and it needs to be distinguished in the future. At the same time, the supervision of comparison tendon is still indispensable. Nalan Bauer, US Bitcoin News Net Coindesk, said that now is not so high, much.

He said that there are too many market speculation. With the Bitcoin futures listing, the investors in Wall Street are not optimistic about the high price of Bitcoin, and the price of Bitcoin has fallen sharply.

  US venture capital refashioned co-founder Lisa Molles – He Le Bo believes that Bitcoin will continue to grow, but will need a unified standard. Unfortunately, due to a speculation, lack of supervision, causing a bitcoin crazy. California University Berkeley division of economic and political professor, well-known economist Barry Essens, said that it is important to distinguish between encrypted currencies and block chains such as biscuro, block chain technology in tracking container transportation and asset mortgage There is applying value in terms of bonds, which can improve efficiency, but this is completely different from Bitcoin and other encrypted currencies, and the encrypted currency does not have intrinsic value, so plunge is not surprising. Esseng Man believes that the bitcoin system may have crash, the only reason for purchasing or selling Bitcoin is blindly followed. Ball said that the current Bitcoin mining cost increased to $ 6,500, and the price of Bitcoin has risen to around $ 20,000. The market is full of speculation. From 2016 to 2017, everyone is buying new miners, including a lot. Chinese, now the situation has changed.

Ball said that since the beginning of October, the difficulty of mining has declined three consecutive times, which appeared in the history of Bitcoin. However, in the long run, the reduction in excavation of mine is not good.

  For the impact of Bitcoin price, Swiss Bank Global Wealth Management Department is responsible for the American technology and communication service securities, said that encrypted currency prices will not bring direct impact on semiconductor manufacturers aiming at encrypted currency markets.

The decline in encrypted currency will be conducted through the economic law. When the mining profit is deteriorated, the demand for the corresponding equipment will be reduced. For regulators, Bitcoin has not constituted a major threat. Landel, the vice-president of the Federal Supervisor, said that due to the volatility and difficulty in the payment system, the encrypted currency is not as useful as the currency, and the Quart does not think that the encrypted currency is now constitute financial stability. A major threat, there is no threat to the status of the US dollar.

  Quarz said that it has brought some problems with significant encryption of currency. Its extreme fluctuations bring investors to protect problems. The anonymity has brought law enforcement issues, terrorists finance, and various financial crimes are true problems. It is worth noting .

The Fed, the US Securities Regulatory Commission and the US Treasury Department pay attention to relevant issues.

  He Le Bo believes that before it becomes a statutory currency with other currencies, bitcoin is currently limited, but will be subject to some degree of supervision.

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