Qinghai Province 2021 "Safe Production Month" started

Qinghai Province 2021 "Safe Production Month" started

  On the morning of June 1st, the launching ceremony of the "Safe Production Month" and "Sini 3 Card" in Qinghai Province was held in Xining.

This year’s "Safe Production Month" activity is from June 1st to 30th, 2021, and the event will closely focus on the implementation of the general discussion of the general secretary of the Popular Secretary on the safety production, and solidly promote the special rectification of safety production three-year action. Conducting a series of publicity and education related to safety production, members of the city, Qinghai Provincial Security Committee, Central Zone and provincial management companies will be fully launched.

  The launching ceremony of the day was hosted by the Qinghai Provincial Safety Production Committee Office, Qinghai Provincial Emergency Management Office, Xining Emergency Administration, the main member of the Qinghai Provincial Security Committee, the central government and provincial key enterprises more than 400 people join. The launching ceremony is a live broadcast through the network to the province, and the province’s unified organization member units will be anecited.

At the start of the ceremony, participate in the actors write an initiative and sign on the security initiative signing wall, and jointly advocate the majority of producers to keep in mind safety responsibilities, safe operation and safe development. In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Party of the Communist Party of China, 100 enterprises from various enterprises from various enterprises, launch safety production commitments in the scene, promise to fully implement safety responsibilities, fully promote safety development, strive to make safety production, and strive for zero accident safety enterprise. According to reports, this year is the first year of safety production, the three-year action, and the main task of safety production work is to fundamentally eliminate the hidden dangers, fundamentally solve the production safety problem. At the same time, this year, Qinghai Province will also fully promote the "three card" system, and through safety production month series activities and safety knowledge "six into" work, solidify the form of safe production publicity and education activities, and constantly strengthen enterprise security Production subject responsibility awareness, consolidate the safety production skills of major producers, and to create a good atmosphere for the continued steadyness of social and economic development in the province.

(Editor: Yang Qihong, Liu Peiran).